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    Feller Shades was founded in 2016 in Ann Arbor, MI by brothers Zac and Mac Kish. The idea sprouted from a passion for stylish eyewear and handcrafted goods as well as a love for our planet. 



    Feller Shades aims to provide high-quality, affordable eco-friendly eyewear. All our models are made from wood and other sustainable materials. What's even better, for every single pair of sunglasses we sell a tree is planted in a National Forest. The trees are planted through the National Forest Foundation. Learn more about our tree planting efforts here.

    We appreciate the opportunity we have to be able to give back to the planet that allows us to do what we do.



    All of our sunglasses are handmade using sustainable materials. Most models feature a frame made completely from responsibly harvested wood. The coolest part: No two pieces of wood are alike. The same is true of our sunglasses, every pair is unique. 

    All our shades are crafted with reinforced metal spring hinges enabling them to fit a wide range of head shapes. Also, our sunglasses use polarized lenses. Polarized lenses are ideal for performing activities outdoors due to their unique ability to block polarized light. Polarized light is the bright glare you see reflected off the surface of water or off a car's rear window. This makes for a more comfortable experience outside on a bright day whether you are commuting to work or angling some walleye.



    We are a company that strives for sustainability. "Sustainable fashion" has many forms, it's kind of a broad term which encompasses not only being eco-friendly, but also ethical, and is related to, or includes terms such as "slow fashion" "ethical fashion", etc.

    We endeavor to be sustainable not only in the fact that we use eco-friendly materials, but in our process, how we acquire these materials, how we turn these materials into sunglasses and of course how we use what mother nature has given us in order to give back.

    A key element in being sustainable is transparency. If you are not honest and allow the consumer, whom you are accountable to, knowledge of your sustainable process, how sustainable could you really be?

    To start, our sunglasses are made in China. Yes... China... In a small facility in Nanjing to be exact. We understand that this is not ideal in many opinions and that Chinese made products often have a reputation for being of lower quality.  However, we assure you this is not the case.

    Our sunglasses are crafted by experienced woodworkers in a clearly outlined process that's the same as it would be if they were being made in the States. Next, our sunglasses go through 2 levels of quality inspection, once at the facility in Nanjing, and a second time when they arrive here in the US.  Only after passing both inspections are they passed on to our customers. This is why we guarantee against manufacturer and material defects.

    Another reason some find issue with Chinese manufacturing is the prevalence of poor work environments.  We care about the people making our sunglasses. That's why we work closely with the factory to ensure that we not only receive quality eyewear, but that the workers making that eyewear are treated fairly. Even though we go through great efforts to be as sustainable and ethical as possible, we do plan to bring manufacturing to the US in the future. 

    All of our materials are eco-friendly. The woods we use are sourced from plantations in South East Asia. We do not use any species that are endangered or restricted. Only the choicest woods are chosen for making our sunglasses, further ensuring beauty and quality of product. The cases that we offer with our our sunglasses are also eco-friendly. They are made from 100% recycled paper. We also use recycled shipping materials.

    Finally, we show our commitment to being eco-friendly by donating a portion of the profits from each pair of sunglasses we sell to plant trees in our National Forests. Every pair sold = 1 tree planted. To learn more about our tree planting efforts and about the organisation that plants them see our page "Giving Back".